This service guide page is for non project members who do not involve any role but for individual need, if you applied to work with us/signed for online training/signed for eMarketing service, check special services, you can find out our DONE FOR YOU project and more. If you need individual services for your business, check below services.


* Site Performance Test(free) – text web911 to 21000

* CLOUD VM + NGINX WEB SERVER + WP CMS(free 1 year tier or up to $300.00 usage + $25.00 setting fee)

* Market Research and Keywords Hunt – up to 3 keywords/$375.00, up to 6 keywords/$500.00

* Search Engine Optimized Contents – $25.00 per page

* SNS Marketing – $475.00 per month

* eMail Marketing set up – $275.00

* Setting google search console – $300,00

* IT Support – $750.00 per month

* IT Department set up – $5,000.00

* Intranet set up – $10,000.00 – $25,000.00

All minor changes of website – $30.00 per hour
All major changes of engineering – $40.00 per hour

All In One Guaranteed eMarketing Service – $1,500.00 per month(minimum 6 months contract required) 

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