Manhattan Webtech forces everyone who involved any kind of relationship with us to use our setting of HOSTING SERVER + WEB SERVER + CMS because it is tested by us as the brand new power vehicle for running through eBusiness Jungle as if we are the correct COMPASS to reach everyone’s goals together. You can use your ways than the MANHATTAN WEBTECH suggests but it would be charged three times higher also without guarantees and we are not sure how long it takes to get to reach your goals. Whatever services are contracted with clients or projects team workers will get the HOSTING SERVICE(cloud VM) + WEB SERVER(NGINX) + INSTALLING CMS without any additional charges or free services. Our system is newest structure for the best performance which is a kind of very important for search engine optimization. If we add more explanation to help your understanding briefly, we only use WORDPRESS CMS on UBUNTU 18.04 or higher + NGINX Webserver of course PHP version is 7.3 and MARIA DB. We found out every WP Theme has different performing results which some of it can not recover even though using powerful plugin program so we are installing the kind of very light weight with powerful functionalities. We help to create contents to only Registered to work with us, if does not involved, after hand admin details, the site administrator has all responsibilities to create all contents that may hire the contents creators. As well as MANHATTAN WEBTECH mostly focusses to eMarketing project with remote works which is charged by project team and the leader. If you need only individual services, you may go to service page to find out what you need but if you want to let us handle your project as our extended project, you only can concentrate to eMarketing which you have to do anyway to reach POPUP class of eBusiness! go to service

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