Manhattan Webtech serves unique ways to lift clients up to safe level for surviving from online jungle. Because of some studies have shown that 90% of online businesses fail within the first four months of operation, it surely needs to build website traffics or that eBusiness platform going to be useless. There is another big issue to reach popup level of online business that roles of online employees structure. Of course it is very important to develop and create unique contents which the most websites owners do what they want to instead what they should do for eMarketing. Detail eMarketing project should start from the Business Plan for the best results without wasting times and budgets so Manhattan Webtech Corp wants to cover setting eBusiness platform as low invest as possible to invest for promotion as much as possible. The best way to do that is Working with Us or let us do for you all. You still want to do by yourself, just check below issues what we are doing for your online business. 

The CMS launching speed is one of core issue to searchingbot’s algorithm to grade ranking of search results. It is stricktly boned to KEYWORDS that have to be hunted when eBusiness Plan is set after analyzed market research. The hosting and web server setting involves with engineering to get faster speed. Manhattan Webtech Corp only sets CLOUD VM Hosting and NGINX Web Server which is found the best speed.

There are so many contents management system types in the market using similar functions but different style codes. We are using only WordPress which is more than 60% of market share by Sep. 2020 it is not only the reason we are using it is 100% free open source, it is keeping evolving by many developers and almost all of extension programs are also free and it works very fine with NGINX Web Server. You should find there are countless themes for website appearance and you have to figure which theme has the better speed to launch also plugins to help it. We always show the performance test results helping clients to select theme which influences performing a lot that has to be launched within 3 seconds. After setting CMS, the site owner needs to create contents not just contents it need to follow the SEO(search engine optimized) method which uses KEWWORDS that is hunted by market research report. We are working from the beginning to set a unique business plan for clients’ goals.  

As well as Manhattan Webtech needs as many as projects team leaders and members, there are few ways to work with us also individuals for only working for themselves but if anyone understand traffic is the key of success, there is nothing to loose to work with us! Still want to work for yourself only? Not a problem, check our service and compare both as with us or individual, click to check! 

  *** We will force all our clients to be totally committed to eBusiness success! ***

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