MANHATTAN WEBTECH has set the unique projects to serve all different levels of clients. Check below individual services if you already have your own eBusiness platform or if you are starting new eBusiness, Please let us know all details of starting environmental situation to set professional Business Plan for the essential eBusiness points to be survived in the eBusiness Jungle where only less then 10% can be survived. If you are already in top 10% of eBusiness group, you may have or need IT support team either IT department. Whatever your current situation is, MANHATTAN WEBTECH will lead you to get into the top group.



As well as you may already know, there are countless webhosting companies and everyone should say they are one of the best, but it will be shown by few tests if it is really ok. In a case if your server is down now either need to set,text WEB911 to 877-470-0910



Website crashing mostly happens not from hosting server instead CMS pulgins which are developed by individual developers that affects with built CMS structures of HOSTING-SERVER, WEB-SERVER, CMS and its THEME. We are concentrate WP CMS which is more than 60% websites are using as very conveniently powerful also the opensource.   

The ways to set hosting and contens-management-system are variable by choosing service provider and both hosting and CMS have many different types in similar functions but performance test results are not same by hosting and web-hosting OS and CMS themes. After tons of trial test, we are using VM hosting and WORD PRESS CMS, if you want others we will do as you want but you won't be qualify to work with us. We are strictly use NGINX web server for better performance. 



DIGITAL Marketing needs all around web related knowledge and experiences but it has only a few strategies to get into performing. It definitely needs wise and detail plan to prevent negative ROI results. Many people confuse Marketing and eMarketing but its differences are only offline and online which  enlargedly explain the difference between offline business and online business is if using IT or not so basically the same to do business that has IT or Analog. We will force to understabd both online and offline business are same but using affectable IT for costomers! Also minimum understanding all related IT asif terminology!


Search Engine Optimization Marketing involves engineering upto installing CMS Theme. It needs to check if the site speed in 3 seconds of loading times, read more..


SNS Marketing needs communities that you need to build through Social Medias. Advertising to Instagram from facebook is very affectable. read more..

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