Search Engine Optimization needs to understand keywords and you can hunt your own keywords using keywords planner of google search console which google provides for free to website owners. Before you to hunt keywords, you need a market research following what you are going to do online and same time setting all social media services for hyperlink with website and eMails to help building communities. There are very powerful seo plugin of WP CMS and we will install to every our clients and projects team members’ sites. If you are the person who needs to set up by yourself, it will be helpful to find the ways from google search console guide. There are a few points that you have to set SEO on WP CMS plus text contents and media contents. Again it is very important that you do market research and hunt related keywords that have less competitors. It seems simple but never simple to understand all search engine’s algorithm and searching regulations. It is not the sprint race, it is long distant race that needs 3 – 6 months to get into the first search results page which is showing only top 10 ranking from the millions of ranks then it needs another 3 – 6 months to lift up into top 5 ranking. You may use google PPC(pay per click) ads for beginning stage but still need detail skills for it.     

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